eCode Management System Frequently Asked Questions

eCode Management System Frequently Asked Questions










What is my Username and Password?

You received an email from National Gift Card under 'Welcome to NGC eCodes' that contains your Username and Password. If you have not seen it please check your junk emails. If you need additional assistance please contact your account representative.

How do I cancel a registered user's account?

Contact your account representative and they can assist you.

How do I make changes to my profile? (E.g. name, email address, password)

  1. Click 'Home'
  2. Click 'My account'
  3. Proceed to make the changes
  4. Click 'Update'



How do I pick up an order?

When an order is available for pick up you will receive an email confirmation; log on your account where you will find the list with all your eCode orders, search for the specific available order you are looking for and click on the order. As a security measure, save the excel file as a password protected file. You can also search your available orders by date, by order number and by P.O. number.

There is no file available to pick up for my most recent eCode order. What should I do?

Orders can take 12-72 hours to be delivered to your secure inbox after payment is processed. Please check the order status, when your order is available for pick up you will receive a confirmation email and the order status will be automatically updated to 'Ready'.

While I was downloading the file, I experienced system issues and was unable to successfully download the file. What should I do?

Please try again. Once your eCode order files are available for pick up you can download it at any time.

What should I do after I download the eCode order file?

For your own protection, we recommend to save the excel eCode order file as a password protected file.

How do I save my eCode order file as password protected?

  • Click on 'Save as'
  • Select the 'Tools' drop down menu, located at the bottom
  • Select 'General Options'
  • In the Password to open box, type your password, then click 'Ok'
  • Reenter your password, then click 'Ok'
  • Click 'Save'
  • Click on the 'Review' tab
  • Under Protection, click 'Passwords'
  • In the Password to open box, type your password, then click 'OK'
  • Reenter your password, then click 'OK'
  • Click 'Save'



What is in the excel eCode order file?

The eCode order file contains the denominations, retailers and the secure URLs for each eCode. PIN/Challenge Key may be included as well when required by a specific retailer.

Are the eCodes in my file active?

Yes, all the eCodes are active.



What is a PIN/Challenge Code/Challenge Key?

All of these terms mean the same thing. Depending on the retailer, some eCodes require a PIN/Challenge Code/Challenge Key in order to be accessed; if that is the case the recipient will find it next to their link or URL. They will be prompted to input their PIN/Challenge Code/Challenge Key when they try to open their eCode.

Why some URLs have a PIN/Challenge Key and others don't?

Depending on the retailer some eCodes require a PIN/Challenge Key in order to be accessed; if that is the case the excel file will contain the secure URLs and the corresponding PIN/Challenge Key. Make sure you distribute the PIN/Challenge Key with the URLs when it is required.

I was told my eCode(s) require a PIN/Challenge Key but it's not displayed in my excel file. What should I do?

Don't worry, some PIN/Challenge Keys are embedded in the URL itself; they will appear in the eCode certificate once the recipient clicks on the URL.



How do I check my eCode order status?

You will receive email confirmations with your eCode order status. There are 3 statuses for your eCode orders:

  • Order Posted: Means your order was submitted and we received it satisfactorily
  • Order Pending: Means your order is being processed but it is not yet available for download
  • Order Ready: Means your order was delivered to your secure inbox and it is available for download

How do I know I haven't downloaded an eCode order previously?

When you download an order for the first time, it is marked as 'Downloaded' and it is grayed out. You can also check your File Download Report where you will find the dates when you downloaded a specific order.

What does Date Posted means?

This is the date when we satisfactorily received your eCode order.

How do I Create Reports?

Click on 'Reporting; you can run your eCode order reports by eCode Ordered Amount, by Retailer and by Denomination. You can also select the dates you want to see on your reports.



What do I do with the eCodes?

eCode URLs can be distributed to the recipients via email, website, or by your desired method of delivery. Please make sure you distribute the URLs and their corresponding PIN/Challenge Key when it applies

I have distributed some of the eCodes within my downloaded file, but I can’t remember which codes I distributed. How can I determine which eCodes have been distributed?

After a file is downloaded, it is your sole responsibility to manage and track which eCodes have been distributed.

What do the recipients get?

When the recipients click on the URL, they are brought to a unique landing page which displays their eCode. When a PIN/Challenge Key is required, they will be prompted to input their PIN/Challenge Key. Once it is accepted, they will be brought to the unique landing page with their eCode. The landing page contains the retailer, denomination, redemption language and terms and conditions for use



Can I Return, Block and Replace eCodes?

Not at this time

Can I Reload eCodes?

Not at this time

What is the Expiration of an eCode?

There is no expiration date for eCodes



What is an eCode?

Many terms are used to describe digital or electronic gift cards including eCodes, eCodes, e-certificates, virtual gift cards, and more. No matter what you call them, they are certificates or cards issued to the recipient via email, or other electronic means

What is a URL?

It is the address of a web page on the World Wide Web. The eCode URL can only be accessed through the email the recipient gets. It is a unique URL, meaning that it cannot be duplicated or altered.

What happens if someone gets locked out of their eCode?

When someone types a wrong PIN, the system will lock them out for 15 minutes. The only way to solve this is to wait the 15 minutes before trying again. There are no other means to unlock the eCodes

How does someone check their eCode balance?

Balance checking options vary by retailer. Check the terms and conditions on your eCode for specific information on how to check eCode balances

What are the redemption options for eCodes?

Redemption options vary by retailer. Every eCode includes redemption language. Some eCodes can be used in-store, online, via catalog, or any combination

What are the terms and conditions related to the use of eCodes?

Terms and conditions vary by retailer. Every eCode includes terms and conditions for use

What if someone loses their eCode?

An eCode has cash value and should be safeguarded as such. If someone misplaces their eCode, they can reprint it if they bookmarked it in their browser or click on the link in the original email. Per retailer policies on eCodes, they cannot be blocked and replaced at this time

Do eCode recipients need a special printer?

Most standard office and home printers are equipped to print eCodes. Some printers produce great results, and older printers sometimes don't print certain images well, but the most important thing is that the code number below the eCode is clear

Do eCode recipients need to print color?

They do not need to print in color